announcer don't work

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• 22 Apr 2021 @18:02
storm spirit announcer dont work
Mahesh M 
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• 19 Apr 2021 @16:51
Yes same for me for a while now. The mods also dont build properly and get stuck at ~55%. have to keep trying rebuilding till they work
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• 17 Apr 2021 @14:37
hi bro
you are wrong man ! anouncers working Just Need Some thing u do ! u need to have another anouncer in set until u change in to them then change back then u see that is working i bought cm anouncer last year ! and i chosed deus ex anouncer in mod ! i can use both of them in game when ever i want ! but intresting thing is ! even whas cheapest anouncer ! cm anouncer ! cm is the best anouncer !