most of arcana items have bugs

all of them have serious bugs
i evem tried all other mods in parts section but all of them had bugs
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• 31 Jan 2021 @04:33
I really wish the older dota2mods was working, arcanas and infusions worked great
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• 25 Jan 2021 @03:46
TB's Arcana model has errors, CM's model when equipped with her arcana is frozen, she doesn't walk, no other animation and yea sometimes she does the T pose.
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• 20 Jan 2021 @17:29
Hello, when I put the arcana on the phantom assassin, I can't use the taunt
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• 19 Jan 2021 @21:29
and also qop arcana,
in demo hero some of them are ok but when i try to play with them in game all of arcana items show up their bugs which is not playable