marsel herdian 

mods V5 (more skins added)

hello dev, when we will get the new skin such as drow arcana, void spirit, TI 10 immortals, etc?
i think it's been more than 2 years that is no any new set or skins added into this mod app platform. on some modding platform they already update until the newest skin, but some of them have ban/hack risk, also some of them have premium perks so not everyone can enjoy the skin mod, so i could say your platform is the best modding platform among all.
i know people are spamming VAC crack post in forum, but plz don't mind them, they just being dumb to not do more research, cuz actually there is some ways to bypass or fix the VAC block, and your mods platform is not useless.
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• 13 Jul 2023 @03:59
jug arcana ,ck lvbu set
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• 04 May 2023 @08:01
What failed
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• 19 Jul 2022 @12:58
Where do I buy it then?
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• 19 Jul 2022 @08:51
There is a new version, update, but it costs money.
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• 08 Jul 2022 @16:58
butt u know about the VAC crack?, if u know just share broo