DISCLAIMER: Some items may not work properly, but I'm working on it, going through all heroes one by one and trying to fix them. You can see the progress below, in the changelog.
See list of Hero Parts not working in online Show
Ancient Apparition
Arc Warden
Arms echo ', '; Back
Death Prophet
Head Accessory
Fire Head echo ', '; Ice Head echo ', '; Wings echo ', '; Tail
Back echo ', '; Misc
Misc echo ', '; Weapon
Head Accessory echo ', '; Back
Head Accessory
Head Accessory
Head Accessory echo ', '; Shoulder echo ', '; Back echo ', '; Arms echo ', '; Misc
Night Stalker
Head echo ', '; Arms
Nyx Assassin
Phantom Lancer
Templar Assassin
Head Accessory echo ', '; Back
Witch Doctor

Version 2.5.7
- Compatibility update

Version 2.5.6
- Compatibility update

Version 2.5.5
- Compatibility update

Version 2.5.4
- included Compatibility update from 2.5.2 for users who didn't upgrade it

Version 2.5.3
- added Blastforge Exhaler
- added Staff of Gun-Yu
- added Maraxiform's Ire
- added Yulsaria's Mantle
- added Full-Bore Bonanza
- added Lycosidae's Favor
- added Sea Rake's Bridle
- added Hermes the Hermit Crab
- added Shifty Minnow
- added The International 2017 Music Pack
- added The International 2017 Cursor Pack
- added Reef's Edge (terrain)
- added Shoreline Sapper
- added Reef Kyte Rider
- added Spines of the Sunken Gaoler
- added The International 2017 Effects
- added Announcer: Kunkka & Tidehunter
- added Mega-Kills: Kunkka & Tidehunter
- added Desert Sands Baby Roshan
- added Prestige Tower

Note: I didn't add Profane Union because back item doesn't work for Lifesteal since they changed it. So please don't request it!
I'm sure I'll figure something out at some point

Version 2.5.2
- Compatibility update

Version 2.5.1
- added Treasure of the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017

Version 2.5.0
- added Juggernaut Arcana (both styles)
Note: Some animations don't work like: sword in ground, kill animations and teleport. Hopefully I'll manage to get them to work.
- added a Blog section to the site where I'll be posting various updates. Be sure to check it out!

Version 2.4.9
- added River Vials
- fixed Chen's Sanurok the Ever Able
- Juggernaut arcana compatibility update

Version 2.4.8
- fixed Customize not working bug (yet again)

Version 2.4.7
- added a new feature to Settings: Refresh Mods - use this if you have a problem with loading mods from local files on program startup
- fixed Add all mods to shuffle
- fixed 100% hang bug (caused by Invoker's Dark Artistry)

Version 2.4.6
- added a new feature: Replace Parts
What this Video on how to use it or read below

What is it? This is a temporary solution for the hero parts not working online (like Antimage's Shoulders, Night Stalker's Arms and Head, all Morphling's parts). The main idea here is if you have one item of that type you can have all of them
How to use it? I'll give you an example. I want to use Morphling's Crown of Tears and I own Tendrils of the Dreadful Abyss. Both of them are HEAD ACCESSORY items. Here are the steps
- go to Morphling
- click 'Replace Parts'
- in the popup, under HEAD ACCESSORY type in "Tendrils of the Dreadful Abyss" (or just "dread")
- click the the result
- set Default Crown of Tears
- Save Mods
- launch Dota and go Morphling
- equip Tendrils of the Dreadful Abyss, which now it will appear as Crown of Tears

Version 2.4.5
- added Winter 2017 Treasure III

Version 2.4.4
- fixed major "shuffle/default" bug

Version 2.4.3
- added a new Settings Feature: Debug Mode. Use this if you run into problems
- added visual aid for mods loading from server and/or from local files
- made an improvement on how the mods are saved
- fixed Earth Spirit's Jade Reckoning
- fixed Bloodseeker's Dragonblade
- fixed Bloodseeker's Thirst of Eztzhok Bundle
- fixed Juggernaut's Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete
- fixed Juggernaut's Balance of the Bladekeeper
- fixed Juggernaut's Thousand Faces Set
- fixed Juggernaut's Fortune's Touts Sounds
- fixed Juggernaut's Golden Fortune's Tout Skin
- fixed Legion Commander's Daemonfell Flame
- fixed Wraith King's Winterblight
- fixed Meepo's Colossal Crystal Chorus

Version 2.4.2
- fixed Dark Artistry Default Style causing the program to freeze at 100%

Version 2.4.1
- added Occultist's Pursuit
- added Hazhadal Magebreaker
- added Torment of the Chainbreaker
- added Atrocities of the Abyssal Scourge
- added Fireflight Scion
- added Temptation of the Mothbinder
- added Feast of the Glutton's Larder
- added The Rowdy Firebrand
- added Promise of the First Dawn
- NOTE: Lifestealer Items don't work anymore, they updated the hero
- added Winter 2017 Battle Pass Effects

Version 2.4.0
- fixed Invoker's Dark Artistry second style
- fixed an error with Customize causing the program to not work anymore
- added Stormcharge Dragoon
- added The International 2016 Effects:
    - Teleport I, II, III
    - Fountain I, II, III
    - Blink I, II
    - Level Up
    - Bottle
    - Eul's Scepter
    - Force Staff
    - Mekansm
    - Mjolnir
    - Radiance
    - Phase Boots

Version 2.3.9
- fixed Clockwerk's Cogs
- fixed Legion Commander's Arcana
- fixed Monkey King's Arcana spell icons
- added Watchful Wyrm
- added Sappler the Eager
- fixed Dark Moon Baby Roshan skin
- fixed Golden Couriers skins: Golden Devourling, Golden Seekling, Golden Doomling, Golden Flopjaw the Boxhound, Golden Baby Roshan, Golden Beetlejaws the Boxhound, Golden Greevil, Golden Huntling, Golden Krobeling, Golden Venoling
- fixed Ice Baby Roshan skin
- fixed Lava Baby Roshan skin
- fixed Platinum Baby Roshan skin
- fixed Drow Ranger's Silent Wakes Gust Effect
- added possibility to change Steam & Dota paths from Settings
- adde a FAQ section on the site

Version 2.3.8
- NOTE: Auto-update doesn't work for 2.3.7 either so you have to redownload the app if you have version 2.3.7. I managed to fix it in this version.
You can update the app manually by downloading this file https://dota2mods.com/versions/2.3.8/app.asar and copy it to dotamodsinstaller\resources\ and overwrite the current file
Or follow the instructions below

- added Terrorblade's Arcana preview
- added Winter Battlepass 2017 Treasure I
- added Treant Protector's Bark of the Ageless Witness
- added Zeus' Bearing of the King Restored
- added Antimage's Fervent Conscript
- added Dark Moon Baby Roshan

Version 2.3.7
- fixed Save Mods button not working
- NOTE: All the 160 people who upgraded to VERSION 2.3.6 please redownload the app because updating will not work!
If you don't want to lose your saved mods follow these instructions:
- go to dotamodsinstaller\resources\files
- copy my_mods.json, my_mod_parts.json, dismissed_mod_parts.json, dismissed_mods.json somewhere else
- download the app again
- extract it
- go to dotamodsinstaller\resources\files (the new one) and copy and overwrite the 4 files here
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Version 2.3.6
- fixed Death Prophet's Beautiful Haunting
- fixed Shadow Fiend's Arms of Desolation Desolator Projectile
- fixed Shadow Fiend's Arcana
- added Necrophos' Scourge Dominion
- almost fixed Phantom Assassin's Arcana. I couldn't get 2 particles to load and they generate Red Xs. Maybe someone can help me?
- fixed Legion Commander's Arcana
- fixed Techies' Arcana (attack and remote mines sounds coming soon)
- fixed Zeus' Arcana (again) and Speech and Ulti sounds
- fixed Crystal Maiden's Arcana (again) and Ulti sound
- Dark Moon fix

Version 2.3.5
- fixed Monkey King's Arcana. Note: in menu his hair is white but in game it works fine. Also it doesn't change styles by leveling up the ultimate.
- added Treasure of the Glacial Abyss Sets, except Scourge Dominion
- made some changes to the UI
- made an improvement to app load time
- fixed an issue with Zeus Arcana that would freeze the app

Version 2.3.4
- added cursor packs
- added hud skins
- added weather
- added terrains
- added wards
- added auto-update progress

Version 2.3.3
- fixed styles resetting after quitting the app
- fixed the app crashing
- made saving the mods twice as fast

Version 2.3.2
- added ability to choose between styles
- added music packs
- added announcers
- added mega-kill announcers
- added couriers
- fixed Dragon Knight's Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest
- fixed Slardar's Sea Djinn
- fixed Magnus' Seismic Berserker
- fixed Bounty Hunter's Kit of the First Hunt

Version 2.3.1
- fixed Windranger's Peregrine Flight, Rainmaker, Sylvan Cascade
- fixed Witch Doctor's Bonkers the Mad
- fixed Zeus' Arcana Crashing

Version 2.3.0
- 700 UPDATE
- fixed Batrider's Burning Jack Bomber, Firestarter, Glowbat, Burning Iron
- fixed Crystal Maiden's Frost Owl's Beacon, Yulsaria's Glacier and Frost Avalanche (Arcana)
- fixed Dark Seer's Forgotten Tactician, Opus of the Vizier Exile
- fixed Dazzle's Pipe of Dezun and Nothlic Burdens
- fixed Death Prophet's Spirits, Skirt Effects, Ghastly Matriarch, Fluttering Mortis
- fixed Disruptor's Resistive Pinfold
- fixed Enchantress' Virga's Arc
- fixed Invoker's Forge Spirits, Dark Artistry, Magus Apex
- fixed Keeper of the Light's Arcane Staff of the Ancients
- fixed Lich's Forbidden Knowledge, The Serakund Tyrant, Shearing Deposition
- fixed Lina's Bewitching Flare, Everlasting Heat, Disciple of the Wyrmwrought Flame, Fire Lotus Belt, Fiery Soul of the Slayer (Arcana)
- fixed Lion's Hell's Ambassador Set, Infernal Rambler, Legacy of Infernal Wings, Gauntlet of the Treacherous Demon, Stone Infusion, Mulctant Palls, Fin King's Charm
- fixed Nature's Prophet's Treants, Bird's Stone Set, Garments of the Peace-Bringer Set, Heartwood Vanguard Set, The Regal Forest Lord Set, Woodland Outcast Set, Curled Root-Staff, Enchanted Manglewood Staff, Fluttering Staff, Nature's Grip, Scythe of Ice, Scythe of Vyse, Spectrolite Staff, Staff of the Lunar Tree, Sufferwood Sapling
- fixed Necrophos' Relics of the Putrid Pontiff Set, Wrath of Ka, Sullen Hollows
- fixed Outworld Devourer's Sentinel of the Lucent Gate, Shards of Exile
- fixed Puck's Ethereal Monarch, Merry Wanderer's Brush, Reminiscence of Dreams
- fixed Queen of Pain's Bonds of Vincere Set, Bloodfeather Wings, Wings of Searing Pain
- fixed Rubick's Fantoccini's Dilemma, Garb of the Cunning Augur, Peculiar Prestidigitator Set, Wandering Harlequin's Regalia, Staff of Perplexs, Golden Ornithomancer Mantles
- fixed Shadow Shaman's Serpent Wards, Lamb to the Slaughters
- fixed Silencer's Silent Edict, Dam'arakan Muzzles
- fixed Skywrath Mage's Vigilance of the Manticore, Empyreans
- fixed Storm Spirit's The Lightning Orchid
- fixed Tinker's Rollermawster, Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III
- fixed Warlock's Golems, Chaos of the Infernal Maw, The Dark Curator of Ultimyr, The Demonic Archivist Set, Ceaseless Sorcery, Staff of Infernal Chaos

Version 2.2.9
- fixed Lone Druid's Spirit Bears and True Forms
- fixed Luna's Moonfalls
- fixed Meepo's Crystal Scavenger and Colossal Crystal Chorus
- fixed Mirana's Darkfall, Moon Griffon, Sapphire Sabre-Lynx, Pulsar Remnant
- fixed Nyx's Cursed Zealot and Latticean Shards (partially, for the moment)
- fixed Phantom Lancer's Vengeance of the Sunwarrior, Phantom Concord (partially, for the moment)
- fixed Razor's Severing Crests
- fixed Riki's Monstrous Reprisal and Shadow Masquerades
- fixed Slark's Gilded Edge, Hookblade of Skadi, Pale Edge, The Barb of Skadi and The Golden Barb of Skadi
- fixed Sniper's The Hare Hunt Set
- fixed Spectre's Flowering Shade and Soul Diffuser
- fixed Terrorblade's Demon forms
- fixed Vengeful Spirit's Echoes of the Eyrie, Flightless Fury, Vestments of the Fallen Princess
- fixed Venomancer's Fatal Bloom, Ferocious Toxicant and Plague Wards
- fixed Weaver's Skittering Desolation and Crimson Pique

Version 2.2.8
- fixed Bloodseeker's Primeval Predator
- fixed Bounty Hunter's Hunter's Hoard
- fixed Broodmother's Spiderlings
- fixed Clinkz's Urushin Huntsman
- fixed Drow Ranger's Algid Falcon, Eldwurm's Touch, Bows, Mania's Mask and Silent Wakes (partially, for the moment)
- fixed Ember Spirit's Rekindled Ashes
- fixed Faceless Void's Jewel of Aeons and Mace of Aeons
- fixed Gyrocopter's Atomic Ray Thrusters and made Homing Missile match the set's missile
- added Fall Treasure IV Sets

Version 2.2.7
- added a Settings button which opens a popup which shows the current app version and has following actions:
  • Delete Mods Files - deletes all downloaded files of downloadable mods
  • Delete Dota2 Mods File - removes pak01_dir.vpk file from Dota2 which basically disables mods
  • Reset My Mods - resets all added mods
  • Add all mods to Shuffle - sets all mods to shuffle
- fixed Earthshaker's Bracers of the Cavern Luminar
- fixed Elder Titan's Mace of the Fissured Soul & Shaper's Relics
- fixed Huskar's Searing Dominator
- fixed Lycan's Wolves and Shapeshift
- fixed Omniknight appearing in the Intelligence list
- fixed Omniknight's Crown of Sacred Light
- fixed Sand King's The Barren Crown
- fixed Slardar's Deep Crystal Halberd and Grasping Bludgeons
- fixed Spirit Breaker's Thundering Flail
- fixed Timbersaw's Controlled Burn and Saw Parts
- fixed Treant Protector's Eldritch Gnarl
- fixed Tusks's Barrier Rogue, Bobusang's Tobacco Fix and Frozen Sigils

Version 2.2.6
- fixed a bug where a downloadable mod wouldn't fully download
- fixed Zeus' Arcana causing the app to freeze
Version 2.2.5
- fixed auto-update bug

Version 2.2.4
- fixed a major bug with downloadable mods causing the app to freeze at 100%
- fixed Dragon Knight's Elder Form

Version 2.2.3
- fixed Brewmaster's Elixir of Dragon's Breath
- fixed Centaur's Infernal Chieftain Headsets
- fixed Chaos Knight's Diabolic Aspect

Version 2.2.2
- Save Mods progress bar added

Version 2.2.1
- Updated base scripts file

Version 2.2.0
- Fall Treasure 3
- fixed Winter Wyvern's Head

Version 2.1.1
- fixed Abaddon's Weapon
- fixed Alchemist's Goblin Head part
- fixed Alchemist's Midas Immortal
- fixed Axe's Rampant Outrage
- fixed Beastmaster's Boar
- fixed Beastmaster's Hawk

Version 2.1.0
- fixed Antimage Guilt of the Survivor
- fixed Zeus arcana

Version 2.0.0
- all hero items are now available (~1500)
- customize heroes fully
- mods no longer require download, therefore the delete option was removed
- added auto-update feature
- removed custom mods
- some hero parts are not working in online matches