Mega Kills: Gabe Newell
Kill Announcer Mythical
Edge of Magma
Queen of Pain Custom
Golden Sea Rake's Bridle
Slark Custom
Staff of Gun-Yu Immortal Path
Monkey King Custom
TheFatRat Warrior Songs
Music Mythical
Announcer: Anime
Announcer Custom
Mega-Kills: Anime
Kill Announcer Custom
Announcer: Darkest Dungeon
Announcer Mythical
Mega Kills: Darkest Dungeon
Kill Announcer Mythical
Iris of the Equilibrium
Ancient Apparition Uncommon
Visions of the Forsaken Flame
Ember Spirit Uncommon
Clarity of the Crystal Path
Oracle Uncommon
Empiric Incendiary
Batrider Uncommon
Sanction of the Winged Harvest
Visage Uncommon
Bastion of the Lionsguard
Skywrath Mage Uncommon
Magister of the Narrow Fates
Razor Uncommon
Anvil of the Earthwright
Earthshaker Rare
Mischief of the Fae Forager
Vanguard of the Emerald Insurgence
Nature's Prophet Mythical
Evil Invoker Voice
Invoker Custom
Mega-Kills: Corrupted Gaben
Kill Announcer Custom
Old Clockwerk Speaker
Clockwerk Custom
Human Tinker Voice
Tinker Custom
Ascendance of the Rime Lord
Lich Rare
Bestowments of the Centurion Vanguard
Slardar Rare
The Corruption of Nezzureem
Faceless Void Rare
Cruel Reprisal
Phantom Assassin Rare
Plunder of the Savage Monger
Troll Warlord Mythical
Redemption of the Raidforged Rider
Luna Mythical
Creed of the Outlaw Huntsman
Bounty Hunter Rare
Pledge of the Dragon's Disciple
Antimage Rare