3.5.8 Update

Hey guys,

The latest update brings you the Treasure of the Azure Favor and compatibility updates.

Starting next year I'll be working on a bigger update regarding mods making from within the program. Basically I want to allow you guys to make custom mods like you can now with Terrorizer but much more than that.

Let me know on Facebook if you'd like that or not.

Happy holidays!

Giveaway #4: Weaver - Crimson Pique




This week's giveaway (#4 of our series) is Crimson Pique for Weaver.


Item details: Immortal Treasure I 2016


As always, stay tuned to see the complete results on our Youtube page - don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPHkjhkQ1hdhZnI6GlvDSQ


If you love to play weaver, don't forget to use your tokens in order to have a chance to win this awesome set. 


Good luck everyone and have a great week!

Giveaway #3: Antimage - Fervent Conscript


This week's giveaway (#3 of our series) is Fervent Conscript Mythical for Antimage and the winner is GRey. Congrats man!

As always, you can now see the complete results on our Youtube page - don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK0vsQ-hEzc&t=2s

If you want to receive updates and be notified about the Dota2 Giveaways, don't forget to subscribe to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dota2mods

Stay tuned for more awesome items!

Giveaway #2: Magnus - Shock of the Anvil


This week's giveaway (#2 of our series) was Shoch of the Anvil Immortal for Magnus.

Congrats to KUNDLESS - this week's winner!

You can see the complete results here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6eGfmfP2DA

Thank you all for participating and good luck next week!

Stay tuned for more awesome items!

Great news: Implementing Weekly Giveaways!


Hello everyone,

This update brings an exciting new feature - Weekly Item(s) Giveaways - that we created in order to thank all of you for your constant support, loyalty and patience. 


Starting now anyone can participate in the Weekly Giveaways and have a chance of winning a random item because mods are great but real items are better.


Here are the details:

- you must register with your email and confirm it (Dota2Mods will NEVER sell or use your email for any other purpose than the Giveaway).

- after confirming the registration you will get 7 daily tokens that you can use to enter the giveaway. The tokens can be used right away or saved for a later time. There is no limit to how much tokens you can accumulate.

- users that have donated will receive 63 daily tokens (9 times more).

- the more tokens you use the bigger the chances of winning.


How the winner will be selected:

- phase 1: 100 users will be randomly selected from all the entries using Random.org/ API.

- phase 2: 10 users will be randomly selected from the 100 users left from phase 1.

- phase 3: the winner(s) will be randomly selected from the last 10.

- the whole process will be recorded and posted on Youtube.

- the winner(s) will be notified via email.


Note: I'm writing "winner(s)" because I may award more than 1 item per giveaway.


On the first week the item awarded will be a set for Axe, Harbinger of War

New Update 3.1.8 for 7.07


As always you can read the Changelog but I feel need to make a few clarifications to prevent future questions and requests.

1. I didn't add Pangolier's Immortal because it doesn't work.

2. I added the new courier even though it's huge. I personally don't like how big it is and I'm not gonna use it.

3. After many requests I added loading screens. I took me so long to add because I didn't see a reason for it because since Dota 7 you see the loading screen very rarely, in Demo Mode, watching live games and sometimes in custom games you can catch a glimpse of it.

4. I removed the popup ads temporarily because I couldn't make them work properly (it was causing the program to reload) and they were much more annoying than intended.

5. Made 2 new small features for Logged Users which I will explain below.

 - Shuffle All and Remove All

You can find it in the hero tab and this one is pretty self explanatory. It allows you to shuffle all mods of a certain type. I think this was needed because of the mods that don't combine with others (the ones with the circle and / symbol).

If you wanted to use one of these mods you'd had to remove everything and that's a pain, but not anymore!


 - Sync Saved Mods

Many users told me they play in internet cafes so they download the program and install the mods everytime they play. So it takes a lot of time (and it's pretty boring) to set all your favorite mods again and again. 

This new feature allows you to save your mods on the server and if you install the program again, you just get them from the server.

So there's two parts to it. First there's 'Sync when Saving Mods' which you can set ON or OFF. If it's ON, it will upload your mods to the server after you click 'Save Mods' or 'Save and Play'. 

Then there's 'Get your Saved Mods from Server', this downloads your mods from the server.

Note: By default 'Sync when Saving Mods' is ON. So when you download the program be sure to click 'Get your Saved Mods from Server' before clicking 'Save Mods'!

I will improve this feature later on so you can have multiple instances of saved mods.


Second Note: These 2 features are only for Logged Users (the people who donated)

New Important Feature: Refresh Scripts

Hey there,
You will notice I added ads in the program too. But now you have the option to remove them by donating.
Once you've donated, you will receive an email with a password at the address you provided.
Then you go to Settings -> Login to remove ads and type your Email and Password

You will also have access at 2 new features coming soon: Ultra Mode and Manage Personal Mods
Note: All items/sets/mods (whatever you want to call them) WILL ALWAYS BE FREE,
only the features above will be premium but they don't prevent you from using the program, they will allow to customize even more.
Note 2: If you already donated, please check your email.

One other important feature in this version is Refresh Scripts. This allows you to refresh items_game.txt
Whenever Dota makes an important update and breaks the program. Thus you no longer have to wait for Compatibility Updates.


I also made a custom set for Necrophos: Red Death. I hope you like it!

Read the full Changelog here

Immotal Treasure 3 - TI7


Immortal Treasure III is here! Check out the full changelog https://dota2mods.com/changelog/v3

PS: I've made some improvements to the current server and with the new server for downloads, the program should be running smoothly once everyone updates the program to the new version.

ZTOK match fixing

Someone got caught again throwing matches for some quick $$$ because they're not that talented to make the legit way. I guess wherever there's betting, there's fixing!



Here's a complete list of players that got caught (until now) 



Buggy items will be updated!

After the launch of version 3 of the mods, there were several items that were buggy. Keep in mind that the buggy items will be updated, however since there is a few items that needs to be updated, this will take time. Dont forget to keep check of the version of your mods, wether they are updated or not, 3.0.1. was just released yesterday due to the bug of the steam browse button. Enjoy modding!

V3 is finally out!

After months of hardwork, version 3 of the dota2mods is finally out, now with new features, bug fixes and almost everything improved you will have the best experience using mods without any bugs. Although some items are taken rid of such as immortals, they will be added back soon since some of them are really buggy and needs fixing! Enjoy modding guys!


Since there is a new update in Dota, the mods file are outdated and will be updated soon!  Please be patient with us! 

New Steam Group

Dota2Mods.com now has their own new steam group, feel free to join the group and you can ask any questions/problems regarding the mods to the online admins on steam. Steam group url attached below!

Dota2Mods Steam Group

The International 2017 items are here!

I've added all items from TI7 except for Lifestealer's Immortal because back items don't work for him anymore since they change him.

Yeah, I've added Prestige Towers too!


Quick Update

I started working on Version 3 which will include some new features (most important is Custom Mods) and hopefully a lot less bugs since I'm reworking the code. So I won't be fixing buggy items anytime soon.

Admins Needed!!

Dota 2 Mods Admins Needed



I need some people to help me out with running the site and with some other things too.

You have to speak English so each we can understand each other (obviously) and have a Skype ID. If you don't have a Skype user, don't worry, it takes about 1 minute to make one.

I'd like 1 person (over 18 please) from each of the following countries/regions:

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Russia
  • Europe
  • Romania

If you're interested send me a message from the Contact Page with the subject "I'd like to be on the team" or whatever..


Please DON'T test items in Demo Mode

What the title says!

Test items properly by "Create Lobby", how items look and work in lobby mode will be the same in Normal and Ranked games.

I'm saying this because some items work perfectly in Demo and others don't (example: sf immortal + arcana has red x's in demo mode)


Treasure of the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017


DAC treasure is now available in the program, guys! Make sure you try it.

On a different note, I've started working on v3 which will come with new features, including custom mods.


Juggernaut Arcana - Bladeform Legacy - is here!

Hey guys,

I've just added Juggernaut Arcana in the program. Be sure to try it!

Note: Some animations are missing from it like: sword in ground, kill animations and teleport.

Hopefully I'll be able to fix them soon enough.