New Important Feature: Refresh Scripts

Hey there,
You will notice I added ads in the program too. But now you have the option to remove them by donating.
Once you've donated, you will receive an email with a password at the address you provided.
Then you go to Settings -> Login to remove ads and type your Email and Password

You will also have access at 2 new features coming soon: Ultra Mode and Manage Personal Mods
Note: All items/sets/mods (whatever you want to call them) WILL ALWAYS BE FREE,
only the features above will be premium but they don't prevent you from using the program, they will allow to customize even more.
Note 2: If you already donated, please check your email.

One other important feature in this version is Refresh Scripts. This allows you to refresh items_game.txt
Whenever Dota makes an important update and breaks the program. Thus you no longer have to wait for Compatibility Updates.


I also made a custom set for Necrophos: Red Death. I hope you like it!

Read the full Changelog here

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